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Ultimate Choice for Multipurpose Bootstrap Admin Template With 25+ Creative Layouts, More than 2,00 Pages, 80+ Useful Plugins & 1,000+ UI Components.
HTML + Angular 4 Version
Mash Able Bootstrap Admin Template

Why Mash Able Admin Theme?

You can put trust on us. We will help you create blazing fast Admin Theme.

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What can you create with
Mash Able?

Yeppi! Finally, there is no limit to what you can create, below are few examples.

admin theme
Small Website Backend

Create complete feature rich admin backend for your client.

admin dashboard template
Corporate Website Backend

Produce prestige, stand-alone dashboard with clean and good interface which exactly match your corporate need.

bootstrap 4 admin template
CMS, ERP, Task Backend System

Create vast application backend for your web project and Mash Able really suits for your need.

admin theme
Social, Freelancer, User System

No Limits! Using Mash Able dashboard template.

Built by Expert in Admin Templates

Expert Team involve in design and development of
Mash Able Admin Theme


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People's Stories

1000's of people use our products worldwide. Below are some sneak peak from 
Real people.
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" Their Team is great and working great always. When you need help they are ready on holiday also. They are very creative. Please keep it up.
Great Work "

Peter Miriklis
Developer, Xion Infosys
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" Totally flexible admin template. Easy to use and easy to manage all the elements in entire theme. Comment code makes my team to easy to identify which elements want to copy "

Product Manager, Nixlit

What makes Mash Able differ from 
Rest one?

We are not haters. But Mash Able is something differ from other admin templates available on market.

Mash Able

Free Lite Version

25+ Page Layouts Choice
Vast Ready to use Extensions & Apps
Customise Bower Installation
Pure Angular 4
Live Support

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No Lite Version

Less Page Layouts 
Less Extensions & Apps
No Customise Bower Installation
jQuery Angular
No Live Support


Mash Able admin dashboard template includes all the variants of page layouts along with all functionality.
Enjoy the Demo!

Main Demo Mash Able
Do not forget to Use Live Customiser

1) Dark Version

Do not forget to apply "Live Style Switcher" in main demo. It feels you amaze throughout entire demo.
It includes Light Sidebar version

Live Preview
Main Demo Mash Able
Do not forget to Use Live Customiser

2) Light Version

Do not forget to apply "Live Style Switcher" in main demo. It feels you amaze throughout entire demo.
It includes Light Sidebar version

Live Preview
Pure Angular 4 Version

3) Dark Version

We also provides Mash Able Dashboard Template in Pure Angular 4 version.

Live Preview
Angular Demo Mash Able
Pure Angular 4 Version

4) Light Version

Light version of Angular 4 admin template.

Live Preview
Angular Demo Mash Able

Angular 4 Quick Installation

Go through below quick video installation guide for 
Mash Able Angular 4

+1,000 of Customers use our Products!

5* Success ratio for our Admin Template which usage by our 
Global Customers

mash able customer testimonial

Wonderful theme, full of features, with ton of addons. Happy to deal with this theme. Keep going.

mash able customer testimonial

An excellent theme. It contains everything you need to open complex projects. Incredible development & better support!

mash able customer testimonial

"It serves my all purposes well and one thing it was great because i didn't require designer at all. Great support team behind this product. Low turnaround time with exact support which i needed. "

mash able customer testimonial

Top quality - Regular updates - Clean n Neat code - Saves lots of developing time - Powerful documentation - Package contain seperate layouts so no need to change in code.

mash able customer testimonial

Really good Admin, It completely servs my need and what i want for my project. No exceptions using CodedThemes product. Thump us !!!

mash able customer testimonial

Excellent template. Very complete - the design is very cool and the quality of code is excellent. Compliments

30 Days 

Why you think you take the Purchase Risk using our product. Don't worry -Your purchase is 100% Risk Free. If you're not happy with Mash Able for any reason, simply let our friendly support team know (via ticket/comment/live support) and we'll happily refund your money.

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Below are General Questions you must know before made Purchase our product

Which Angular Version Supported?

Mash able Angular Admin Template version comply with Angular 2 and Angular 4. Both version are quite similar and and we made it on Pure Angular instead of jQuery.

Is there any Lite / Free Mash Able version available?

Yes. We believe "First Try then Buy" formula for our all the products which helps to identity how our theme structure is and how it is flexible to use for your project. You find the Lite Version link on Footer.

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